Saving Facebook Posts in Collections – Is this the End of Pinterest?

Do you save Facebook posts from pages that you like so that you can view them later?  I have been doing this since September 2016, and I save a lot of posts.  My saved posts range from medical information, social media updates, to kid-friendly posts.  But up until today, my saved Facebook posts have been all mixed together, with no organization other than how the posts were saved chronologically.  Good luck trying to find that saved Facebook post that you liked so much a few months ago, and only now have time to take action on it.  So although saving Facebook posts has been helpful for me, my only complaint was that I could not categorize my saved posts.

Now you can!  You can create Facebook collections, which are similar to Pinterest boards.  When you create a new collection, you name it and then you can go back to your old saved videos to save them in a collection, and new videos can be saved directly into the collection.  If the saved Facebook post fits in more than one collection, that is fine also.  Just like you can pin an image to more than one Pinterest board, you can save a Facebook post to more than one collection.

You can go back and retroactively assign your old saved Facebook posts to a newly-created collection.  Go to your saved items and find the video that you want to add to a collection.  Click on the “…” underneath the post.  at this point, you have the option of creating a new collection or adding to a collection that you have already named and saved.

Facebook collection - new - to organize saved posts

As for new Facebook posts that you want to save from now on, you can add them to an existing collection or create a new collection.

Facebook collection - new - to organize saved posts 1


Facebook collection - new - to organize saved posts 2

You can see that you added the saved post to a collection by looking at the line above the post itself.

Facebook collection - new - to organize saved posts 3


And finally, you can find all your saved posts either in chronological order or by collection in your Saved items.

Considering many Facebook pages post similar content on Facebook as they pin on Pinterest, the new Facebook post collections may end up replacing Pinterest, at least to a certain degree, with some users.  Personally, since I already save a lot of posts and I tend to spend more time on Facebook than Pinterest, I can see Facebook collections becoming my main way of saving items for future action.

What impact do you think this will have on Pinterest in the long term?

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