World No Tobacco Day Instagram Stories by Pfizer and Canadian Cancer Society

Pfizer and the Canadian Cancer Society each posted an Instagram story to promote World No Tobacco Day.  Pfizer took advantage of the poll feature within Instagram stories in order to engage its audience, whereas the Canadian Cancer Society used the ‘swipe’ feature to direct its viewers to their website.

There were probably other organizations that posted similar information on World No Tobacco Day, but it is so easy for me to find the ones that are posted as stories, whereas I would have had to search through my timeline to find others.

Hint, hint!  I’m telling you this for a reason; if you or your organization are on Instagram, you should be using the Instagram stories feature in order to be more readily accessible by your followers.  If your followers have to search for your information, they probably won’t bother unless it is very important to them.  Also, if you are really low on your followers’ timeline, they might not scroll all the way down until they get to your post.  Make yourself more readily seen and take advantage of the Instagram stories!

The Instagram stories for both Pfizer and the Canadian Cancer Society, which promoted World No Tobacco Day can be viewed as videos below.

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