Accu-Chek Facebook Ad for National Indigenous Peoples Day

Hats off to Accu-Check for observing National Indigenous Peoples Day (June 21) as part of their Facebook ad strategy.

Accu-Chek is currently running Facebook ads, one in English and one in French, to raise awareness of the fact that there is a higher prevalence rate of diabetes among Canada’s First Nations peoples.  Although I do not have access to the targeting specs for the ads, based on the types of comments the ad is receiving, it appears as though the general Canadian public has been seeing the ads on their timeline.

I respect Accu-Chek for sponsoring this Facebook ad. We need to see more ads like this, which may help communities within Canada who might need a little extra hand.

Something that would have been appreciated by the First Nations peoples would have been an ad in one of their more popular dialects. Something for Accu-Check to consider next time.

Accucheck - FB ad - indigenous day FR

Accucheck - FB ad - indigenous day

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