Client testimonials

I am grateful for the clients who have included me in their medical marketing projects over the last 12+ years.  Here are some recent testimonials from a few of my clients;

Natalie is a skilled writer and is a regular contributor to the Ddrops blog. She carefully researches complex medical issues and understands the importance of referenced support for articles. Her content is very professional and factual, as well as interesting for our readers.  I am impressed that Natalie can put complicated ideas into succinct explanations that resonate with our audiences. In today’s world where consumers want to research topics carefully, content developed to inform members of the public and healthcare professionals is often very similar. Natalie understands both consumers and healthcare professionals and she has a knack for pulling the right amount of detail into her articles.  Natalie keeps on top of social media trends and the importance of SEO. Her content is often shared with audiences, and her articles experience high organic traffic. Natalie also provides added value to our team, as she often provides suggestions and shares related articles and news. Natalie is a trusted resource to support web content and social media.

Susan Jankus, Director of Sales & Marketing, Ddrops Company

Natalie was initially hired to assist us with a copywriting project that required PAAB approval. She demonstrated a deep knowledge of the PAAB guidelines. Her marketing insights were so valuable that she quickly became a long-term marketing consultant working with the Aequus Pharmaceuticals senior management team on a wide variety of marketing projects. She has managed everything for us from medical webinars, conferences, PAAB sales materials as well as our corporate social media activities. I would recommend Natalie’s services to any marketing agency or medical company looking for a medical copywriter or somebody to manage their medical marketing projects. Also, she is incredibly passionate about her work!

Anne Stevens, COO and Director, Aequus Pharmaceuticals

Collaborer avec Natalie sur des projets intégrants un challenge de rédaction médicale est un véritable plaisir. Malgré les formats originaux de nos réalisations et les contenus médicaux poussés, Nat a toujours su s’approprier les défis et a été un atout indéniable pour les échanges avec PAAB. Très disponible et impliquée, et toujours de bonne humeur, elle est devenue une personne indispensable dans notre équipe.

Translation: It is a real pleasure to collaborate with Natalie on projects that present a medical writing challenge. Despite the innovative formats of our projects and complex medical content, Nat has always been able to take on the challenge and has been an undeniable asset for exchanges with PAAB. Very available and involved, and always in a good mood, she has become an indispensable member of our team.

Maxime Meuley, Country manager, 3 Prime

I first collaborated with Natalie when she worked as a marketer for a pharmaceutical company in 2003, and have gone on to hire her on multiple occasions for a variety of projects since she started her own marketing consulting business. Her insights and ability to find cost-effective solutions are very helpful. She consistently demonstrates that she understands the needs of our patient audience by encouraging strong engagement from them. My recommendation to any medical organization who needs help with their marketing: hire Natalie. She works quickly and efficiently and is an accomplished public speaker.

Gail Attara, President and CEO, GI Society

I hired Natalie on a couple of occasions where we required her medical copywriting and editing expertise. She assisted us with the content development for patient profiles and editing of our sales training materials. Because of the complexity of our patients’ profiles, Natalie proved that she clearly understood how multiple diseases and medications impact one another. Her delivery was on time and the content clearly met our objectives. I would definitely hire Natalie again for future medical copywriting or editing services.

Karolina Korelin, Marketing Manager / Business Development Genetics, LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services

Natalie has been both a colleague and a guest speaker in my classroom. As a co-worker she is both bright and a delight to work with. As a speaker on healthcare marketing she demonstrates deep and wide-ranging knowledge of the space.

Greg Tanguay, Principal, Northview Park Consulting and Assistant Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University

Natalie was a key source of information for the PAAB when social media was in its infancy. When Natalie trained our PAAB advisors on social media, she gave attention to the smallest details to ensure that the advisors knew how to spot potential loopholes when presented with a social media promotional tool by a client pharmaceutical company. She was also a pleasure to work with when we were presenters and panel members together at various pharmaceutical conferences that were focused on social media. She always managed to inspire and motivate pharmaceutical clients to get involved in social media despite certain constraints of the regulatory guidelines. Natalie would be an asset to any healthcare organization that requires online marketing or social media expertise yet must abide by strict promotional regulations.

Ray Chepesiuk, PAAB Commissionner