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Healthcare Communication Services

Nat is not your typical medical writer. She has over a decade of experience as an award-winning pharmaceutical marketer so she understands the client’s strategic thinking. Nat also has over a decade of experience in developing healthcare communications targeted to healthcare professionals, patients and consumers. Combined with her passion for improving patient outcomes, Nat is the medical writer that can combine the science and the business sense to help you communicate your healthcare messages.

Medical writing

  • Develop written healthcare communication content for brochures, sales materials, videos, websites, virtual and augmented reality programs, blog articles, social communications, training manuals, slide presentations
  • Provide consulting services regarding PAAB and Ad Standard requirements
  • Manage PAAB and Ad Standard docket approval process, including efile submissions and follow-up responses
  • Canadianize global healthcare marketing materials by adapting the copy to suit the local requirements of the audience and the regulators

Medical Translation

  • Translate healthcare communications from English to French or from French to English

Healthcare on-page SEO

  • Edit or update existing web content and blog posts to optimize for ideal keywords and to ensure recency of content
  • Develop original, credible, well-researched content for website or blog articles to maximize on-page SEO opportunities


Services are available in English and French.

Experience in multiple therapeutic areas

Vitruvian manOver my 25-year career working with multiple healthcare products, I have literally worked on therapeutic areas all the way from the head down to the toes, including several rare diseases.

Marketing expertise in the following therapeutic and medical areas; optometry, ophthalmology, allergy, infectious diseases, dentistry, gastroenterology, neurology, cardiology, rheumatology, biologics, OTCs, vitamins, rare diseases, oncology, genetics, diagnostic and surgical equipment and accessories.

As a mother of four young ones and a personal ambassador for my child with food allergies, I am also keenly interested in helping organizations that deal with pediatric health, food allergies, and nutrition.

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