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Medical writing and medical marketing consulting

Marketing 4 Health Inc. has been providing pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations with medical marketing consulting (strategic insights and planning, marketing project management) as well as medical writing (sales materials targeted to healthcare professionals, patient educational tools, blogs, social media) services for over 12 years.

Marketing 4 Health Inc. in a nutshell

Hi!  I’m Nat Bourré, founder and owner of Marketing 4 Health Inc.  Everyday, I am grateful to be able to combine my strategic marketing skills and medical writing expertise to help my clients reach their business goals.

Before becoming a marketing consultant, I spent 13 years in pharmaceutical sales and marketing roles where I had the opportunity to launch and grow brands in many therapeutic areas; optometry, ophthalmology, dentistry, gastroenterology, neurology, cardiology, rheumatology, biologics as well as diagnostic equipments.  One of my greatest achievements during this period in my career is that I led the marketing team to grow a prescription product from being the 15th largest drug in Canada to the 5th largest within three years.

For the past 13+ years, I have been providing marketing consulting and medical copywriting services to my clients. Part of my clientèle consists of design agencies who hire me as a third party to develop the medical copywriting that meets their clients’ needs.  They often also rely on my content creation to help direct them from a design perspective.  The rest of my clients consist of marketers who work in the industry; pharma companies,  over-the-counter (OTC) brands, medical non-profit organizations.

My passion is promoting health. Therefore, if an organization is ethically promoting good health, I want to help them with their marketing and copywriting needs.

Clients who benefit from my medical marketing consulting services:

  • Medical design agencies looking for strong medical copywriting to combine with their creative designs and address their clients’ needs
  • Business unit directors, Brand managers and Directors of operations looking for somebody to help them manage their medical marketing projects, including PAAB* and ASC* management
  • Health and pharmaceutical marketers looking for a medical copywriter with both strategic marketing and SEO* expertise
  • Business-to-business organizations who are promoting their services to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

Marketing 4 Health – the perfect mix of strategic marketing know-how and medical copywriting expertise

Marketing 4 Health is more than a copywriter who fills in the space with words.  The content that will be provided to you will be medically sound, will follow your required regulatory guidelines, and will be designed to meet your final desired outcome.  What you get with Marketing 4 Health Inc. is strategic thinking combined with sound medical write-ups.

A list of some of my clients over the past 13 years:

  • 3 Prime
  • Accudial
  • Aequus Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotext Solutions Inc.
  • Bloom Search Marketing Inc.
  • Communimed
  • Conseil Catholique Mon Avenir
  • Ddrops Company
  • FUSE
  • GI Society
  • Jersey Shore Body
  • Kidney Cancer Canada
  • The Biosimilars Group
  • Lampyon
  • LifeLabs
  • Timed Right
  • Solvay Pharma
  • Summer Fresh Salads
  • TEVA Canada Innovation
  • Thought Leader Select
  • Upperkut

Find out more about the types of services that Marketing 4 Health could provide to you and let’s discuss your marketing needs:

Email:  nat@marketing4health.net

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AMWA Member

Nat is a proud member of the American Medical Writing Association.

*PAAB (Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board), ASC (Ads Standards Canada), SEO (Search engine optimization)