2018 punched me in the face but I am not giving up

Everybody has a year that remains unforgettable to them for the rest of their life, whether for good reasons or bad ones.  For me, that year is 2018.

I will always remember 2018 as the year that punched me in the face because this was the year that I lost my husband of over two decades. He passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, making me a widowed single mom of 4 young children ranging from 4 to 11 years old.  We were all devastated.  Our world stopped.  Our personal lives and my professional life – everything stopped.

Nat et Frank - 16 juin 1995 - Day before weddingIt didn’t take long for me to come to grips with the fact that I was now the sole provider for my family and that I had to get back on track.  And I did, some days with more difficulty than others, but I did.  And every time I took a step forward, the following step was usually a bit easier, and so on.  I talked to my children a lot more about how mommy landed a new project with a client, with the intent to reassure them that all was going to be alright.  This not only proved to be helpful for me, but my children seemed happier and felt safer as they saw me take control of the situation.  There were and still are difficult days, and I expect many more to come, but as a family, we are holding each other up while we grieve.

As anybody who has gone through something like this will tell, it is easier if you do not through all this on your own.  Friends, family, my children’s school and even my husband’s school (he was an International Baccalaureate science teacher) played a large role in helping us get through this difficult time.  Their level of support astounded me and still does!

But it wasn’t only them!  My clients were also a great source of support, even a couple which I had just started working for only a short period before the incident.  With all my heart, I thank everybody who stood by us, and I thank my clients for their understanding and patience.  How lucky am I to be working for such a wonderful group of people!

I am happy to say that I am back at work with more energy and enthusiasm than ever.  Several very exciting client projects are already lined up for 2019 and I cannot wait to get started on them!  I’ll also be announcing a new service soon, which will be very exciting!

188652_5087936666_3463_nOf course, 2018 will always remain an unforgettable year for me, but I am not giving up.  In fact, I am more determined than ever to live life to the fullest and to make my dreams come true.  My husband knew that owning my own business was a dream of mine.  He was my number one supporter when it came to my business and he always pushed me to keep going even when managing both a business and a growing family was challenging.  He never stopped believing in me and I can feel him watching down on me, giving me yet another nudge to keep moving.  As such, my goal is to make 2019 the most memorable and successful year for my business yet!  I hope you will be a part of it!

I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a happy new year!


Thank you to my clients in 2018!  You guys rock!   (in alphabetical order)Thank you pink roses

One Step at a Time Up the Stairs to Success

No elevator to success - liteI don’t often share personal information on my blog, but since having restarted to promote my business, people have been asking me what I’ve been up lately. So here it is, the short version about the appearance, quieter times and recent reemergence of Marketing 4 Health Inc.

Almost exactly 10 years ago, I started my own business, Marketing 4 Health Inc.Marketing 4 Health Inc., helping healthcare / pharma companies manage their social media. I was climbing the proverbial ‘success stairs’, sometimes it even felt like I was skipping a couple of steps at a time. Business was booming.

But about 4 years ago, I decided to intentionally slow down my business to take care of my growing family. Despite having 4 young children to raise at home, I kept at least a couple of clients on my roster at all times, but I knew that I could not handle any more than that, so I stopped all promotion of my services.  I even wiped out my blog, which was a sad day for me because it was gaining so much traction from the Canadian pharmaceutical industry at the time.  But frankly, putting my family first was the best decision ever and I would do it all over again.  Ultimately, it was well worth the sacrifice.

Move forward to now, and the kids are finally all in school now, so I can spend more time tending to my business. Ah, it feels invigorating to be climbing up those stairs again. Even though my business kept going throughout all those years, a lot of things slowed down, so now I’m putting in the effort to get the ball rolling again. So far it’s been baby steps, and that’s OK because I am enjoying the challenge and the thrill of it all.

Right now, I’m excited to be in the process of networking to regain my spot in the healthcare / pharma social media / blogging world. If you know of somebody who is looking for an experienced blogger or social media manager who knows and understands the regulations of the healthcare / pharma industry, please send me an introduction to them either on LinkedIn or via email; nat@marketing4health.net . I am eager to help my next clients reach their business goals!

Until then, let’s all keep climbing up those stairs together!  Cheers!