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Bayer Facebook story

Yesterday, the Bayer Facebook page promoted a story that was unbranded and provided health tips for patients.  Screen shots are available at the bottom of this blog post.  Although I have not seen others by Bayer, it appears as though this was part of a series, so there will hopefully be more to come. Keeping the stories unbranded is a great way to ensure that there are no regulatory violations since this global Bayer Facebook page seems to represent all of its affiliates, and each country has its own regulatory requirements. Plus, this shows that the focus of the story was to help patients.  It is very patient-centric.

Pfizer recently used Facebook stories to promote their presence and main message at a cardiology conference.

With the recent Facebook algorithm changes which makes it more challenging for organic page posts to be seen by followers, it is not surprising to see more and more pages use Facebook stories to engage with their followers.  Facebook stories are a great way of reaching out to passive followers, followers that do not see your posts on their timeline anymore or those that just forgot about your page and possibly your organization. Unfortunately, viewers cannot like or comment on stories by pages, but it’s still a great way (and free, at least for the moment) to get your brand name in front of your followers’ eyes.  Note that you can reply to stories by friends, but not by pages.

Replies to someone’s story are sent in Messenger and can only be seen by the story’s owner and the person replying. Here is what the Bayer Facebook story like.

Bayer Facebook story 1Bayer Facebook story 2

Update March 21, 2018:  Here is a new story by Bayer that complements the one above which was posted on the previous day.


Bayer Facebook story A1

Bayer Facebook story A2

Bayer Facebook story A3

Bayer Facebook story A4



Pfizer Uses Facebook Stories to Promote their Presence at Conference

Many physicians and medical suppliers attended the American College of Cardiology 2018 conference this past weekend.  To follow the conversation on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, follow the hashtag #ACC18 .

One of the participating suppliers cleverly used Facebook stories towards the end of the conference to summarize its key messages about stroke prevention and thanked the conference attendees for following the conversation.  I was not present at this conference, but since I like the Pfizer page, I was able to see thePfizer Facebook story on my homepage.  See the screen shots of the Pfizer Facebook story at the bottom of this post.

Back in the later part of 2017, Facebook opened up stories to Facebook pages.  Pages that post stories get featured on both mobile and desktop.  It is becoming more and more difficult for pages to get noticed on Facebook these days, and Facebook stories provides ideal real estate on its followers’ homepage.  Facebook stories are pretty hard to miss when you are on your homepage, which makes them a great opportunity to become visible again to an audience who may not see many of your posts anymore due to the new Facebook algorithm.  Just like any other type of advertisement, you need to be visible on a relatively frequent basis in order to achieve top of mind status with your audience, so you might want to consider posting a Facebook story on a daily basis.

Have you tried Facebook stories for pages yet?  If so, let us know about your experience.

Pfizer Facebook story from the 2018 ACC conference.Pfizer Facebook story from the 2018 ACC conference.Pfizer Facebook story from the 2018 ACC conference.Pfizer Facebook story from the 2018 ACC conference.