New! Approval Required for Medical Device Advertisements in Canada

A30365798_sds Standards has updated their advertising guidelines.

As of January 2, 2018, Canadian marketers must send their medical device advertisements through a review process with Ad Standards Clearance Services.  For more details, take a look the new Guidelines for Consumer Advertising of Health Products (for Nonprescription Drugs, Natural Health Products, Vaccines and Medical Devices).

Here are more details directly from the Ad Standards website:

Effective July 1, 2018, Telecaster Services of thinktv will require approval numbers for any new broadcast commercials. Previously aired commercials can continue to air until December 31, 2018, without requiring preclearance

The updated Guidelines, developed by Ad Standards Clearance Services in consultation with Health Canada and industry, are intended to help advertisers create advertising messages that meet all the relevant provisions of the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations, the Natural Health Products Regulations, the Medical Devices Regulations and other related Health Canada Policies and Guidelines. They replace the 2006 Consumer Advertising Guidelines for Marketed Health Products (for Nonprescription Drugs including Natural Health Products).

Marketed health products workshops

The Ad Standards Clearance Services team will be hosting workshops in Toronto on January 31 and in Montreal on February 15.  Both presentations will be in English.

The workshops will highlight key sections of the updated Guidelines and the dos and don’ts of advertising nonprescription drugs, natural health products, vaccines and medical devices. Though the Montreal workshop will be presented in English, the slides will also be available in French.

Click on the links below for more details on these workshops:

Marketed Health Products Workshop, Toronto – January 31
Marketed Health Products Workshop, Montreal – February 15

Upcoming Changes to DTC Advertising of Vaccines and Medical Devices

83566868_sIf you are a Canadian marketer for vaccines or medical devices, you should be preparing for a new review procedure of your direct-to-consumer (DTC) ads.

In consultation with Health Canada, Ad Standards has updated the 2006 Consumer Advertising Guidelines for Marketed Health Products (Guidelines).

The Guidelines were designed to provide guidance to advertisers to develop compliant consumer-directed advertising of non-prescription drugs and natural health products. At the request of Health Canada, the scope of the Guidelines has been expanded to encompass guidance for consumer-directed advertising of vaccines and medical devices.

The revised 2018 Guidelines for Consumer Advertising of Health Products will be posted on Ad Standards’ website in December 2017 and come into effect on January 1, 2018.

As well, Ad Standards will be hosting workshops in Toronto and Montreal in January and February 2018.

We will update you when the link to the Guidelines becomes available.


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