Medical and Healthcare companies on the 2019 Fortune Change the World list

For the past 5 years, Fortune has been publishing a list of companies who are using creative tools and methods as part of their business model to meet unmet needs in the world. This year, 2019, a total of 52 companies made the list, 7 of which are healthcare and medical companies. This is a jump from 2018 as there were only 3 healthcare and medical companies which made the list then.

Congratulations to the 7 healthcare and medical companies that made it on the 2019 Fortune ‘Change the World’ list. Patients and healthcare stakeholders everywhere are grateful for your drive and commitment to making health a priority. The healthcare and medical companies that made the 2019 Change the World list are listed below along with their ranks within the the list of 52 in total:

#7 Centene : Centene is an insurer who is making a different in the lives of the disabled. In 2017, it launched its Provider Accessibility Initiative, distributing grants to remove barriers to care. 

#15 BD : BD’s products, including its test to rapidly detect drug-resistant tuberculosis and its infection-prevention equipment, are tools to combat antimicrobial resistance. 

#17 EssilorLuxottica : In 2013, Essilor—now part of EssilorLuxottica, launched 2.5 New Vision Generation (2.5NVG), a line of more affordable (but still stylish) prescription glasses targeted at the 2.5 billion people around the world—almost entirely in low-income countries—who suffer from uncorrected poor vision. After much engineering work, the company now makes glasses that cost as little as 50¢ a pair to manufacture, and that retail for no more than three to four days’ pay in a given country. 

#27 GoodRx : GoodRx’s website allow consumers to comparison shop and find discounts for prescription drugs at more than 70,000 pharmacies nationwide.  About 50% of US physicians advise their patients consult GoodRx. 

#33 Narayana Health : The health care group, which has grown to 24 hospitals (all but one in India), makes treatment affordable in part by being judicious with skilled workers’ time: Senior surgeons swoop in for just the most challenging part of a procedure.

#43 Philips : Philips aims to be carbon-neutral in 2020, and relies on wind energy in both the U.S. and the Netherlands—and the energy use of its products, from more efficient MRI systems in hospitals to the batteries in rechargeable electric toothbrushes. Meanwhile, it is pushing to cut its waste to zero by taking back large medical equipment, to reuse and refurbish components. 

#47 Icon Group : The Icon Group, Australia’s largest private cancer care provider, aims to reach patients close to home through telemedicine, remote radiation therapy, and partnerships in underserved markets.

Disclosure: No affiliation with Fortune or the companies that made it on the 2019 Change the World list.

Funny Medical and Science Sites on Social Media

If you are like me and enjoy having a good laugh while sometimes learning a little something at the same time, then the following medical and science sites might give you a giggle.  You will find their social media links below so that you can easily follow them if you wish:

  1. Antibotic resistance joke

    Source: Beatrice the Biologist

    Beatrice the Biologist is one of my favorites because her comics are educational and can be used with a target audience (in my case, my children) to lead into great discussions.  Her jokes make the core message very memorable.  You can find her on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

2. The Awkward Yeti, which features, Heart and Brain, is a funny comic strip which sometimes delves into sciences.  It is meant more for leisure than education, so it is a perfect science humor site if you are looking to relax. They can be found on FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit.

3. ZDoggMD features Dr. Zubin Damania, MD.  Dr. Damania produces entertaining videos expressing his frustration with the healthcare system.  These videos would appeal to stressed out healthcare professionals and frustrated patients alike.  You can find ZDoggMD on FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

4. And if you are like me and you cannot get enough of Dr. Damania’s videos, then you might also enjoy his Doc Vader persona where he shares his darker humor on FaceBook and Twitter.

5. GomerBlog is self-described as “Earth’s finest medical satire news site”.  They might be right, but you must have the right sense of humor to enjoy their content.  I’ll admit that I am a fan!  You can find them on FaceBook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram and Pinterest.

There are plenty more entertaining medical and science websites out there.  Tell us which is your favorite and we just might include it in a follow-up blog post.