Facebook Drop in Page View Share in Canada is Starting to Level Off

The following data was sources from Statcounter.

Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook page view share of the all social media platforms took a nose dive both globally and in Canada.  Pinterest was the clear winner of increased page view share (both globally and in Canada), but let’s keep in mind that page view share is just a percentage of the total.  This does not mean that Pinterest took all the page views that Facebook lost.  Pinterest may have gained page views, but I don’t have those figures.  So this is like taking a look at the proportion of the piece of the pie, unfortunately without knowing how big, or small, the pie has become.

As you can see by the right side of the Facebook and Pinterest lines, both are leveling off.  The biggest hit has taken place and the dust is settling, assuming no other major issue hits Facebook in the weeks or months to come.


Consumers are still largely on Facebook, so if you manage a consumer brand, it’s not time to drop off Facebook just yet.  Sure, you probably have to do more advertising than before to get your posts and page noticed, but the reach on Facebook is paralleled by no other social platform as of yet.

We hear a lot about Instagram.  It is growing and sure it is growing at a rapid rate, but it is still a small player when compared to the other major social networks.  This is comparing quantity, page view shares.  It does not take  into effect quality of the and devotion of the users.

Instagram page vew share - Stat Counter

Although Mark Zuckerberg has been traveling globally to some pretty intense meetings as the target of a bombardment of questions regarding privacy, we still cannot feel too sad for him.  Facebook shares are at their highest ever!

FB share history May 2017 to May 2018

Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/FB/history/


Facebook drastic drop in view share in Canada since Cambridge Analytica fiasco

11817730 - concepts of quit facebook, by tearing the facebook sticker half.A couple of months ago, Mark Zuckerberg announced that major changes would be made to Facebook which would result in a substantial drop in amount of time spent on Facebook.  The intent was to make Facebook more personal again, and less about the pages.

Then there was the whole Cambridge Analytica fiasco, which understandably turned off a lot of people from Facebook.  Here is how Mark Zuckerberg responded about the Cambridge Analytica situation;


Angus Reid Institute (1) ran a survey with 1,256 Canadian Facebook users immediately after this story came out, and their results showed that;

  • 27% would make no changes on how they use Facebook
  • 41% would keep using Facebook but would check or change their privacy settings
  • 23% would use Facebook less in the future
  • 6% would suspend their account or take a break from Facebook
  • 4% would delete their Facebook account

From these results, only a small percentage of current Canadian Facebook users were planning on actually leaving Facebook, even if just for a temporary period.  But even the tiniest percentage of a massive base ends up being a very large number.

The question that this survey did not ask is what would substitute Facebook.  When a brand loses market share, another brand often benefits as a result.  The brand that swooped the share of page views in Canada was Pinterest! Careful how you interpret this!  The results are given as a percentage, so this does not mean that Pinterest took all of the lost page views by Facebook and added them to their total.  Not at all.  Although Pinterest would have liked that, I’m sure!  What this simply means is that Pinterest now has the lion share of page views, albeit from a smaller base now that the social media goliath Facebook has lost page views.  The total number of page views of all social media sites combined has probably dropped substantially as a result of the lost page views from Facebook.  But, now that Canadian social media users may have gained back a bit of time from when they left or reduced their usage of Facebook, this will allow them time to use other social sites instead.

Social media in Canada - March 2018

Statcounter. Social Media Stats Canada. March 2017 to March 2018. 


At its peak in December 2017, Facebook owned 80% of the social media page view share.  As of March 2018, that has dropped to 52%! (2)

Facebook drop in share

As for Pinterest, as of December 2017, it owned 13% of the social media page view share, whereas this increased to an astounding 30% in March 2018. (2)

Pinterest big win

It is quite unlikely that either social media platform could have predicted the circumstances that have led to such drastic changes.  It certainly changes a lot for Facebook.  They were facing their own problems before this.  It might not be changing all that much for Pinterest because although they gained share of a smaller pie, they may or may not have gained that many more page views.

Where is Instagram in all of this?  Well, if you look at the Statcounter mobile data, you will notice that Instagram has also increased in page view share, but minimally compared to Facebook.  I would keep an eye on Instagram over the next few months to see their growth.  This site is sure popular with all the younger mothers at my kids’ school!

Source (1):   Angus Reid Institute. Un-liking Facebook: 3-in-4 Canadian users say data mining scandal will change how they use the platform.  March 26, 2018.

Source (2): StatCounter Global Stats – Social Media Market Share