Pfizer Honors Women in Science with Instagram Story

The pharmaceutical industry is starting to take advantage of the greater visibility of stories on both Instagram and Facebook.  You can see an example of a Facebook story by Bayer here and by Pfizer here.

Today, Pfizer posted an Instagram story to honor women in science.  It is a nice collection of their female employees, known as colleagues, who are making a difference in bringing new medicines for various diseases.  This is well thought-out media tactic as not only does it honor women and promote women in science, but it also gives a public pat on the back to some of their own employees.  Pfizer has a track record of acknowledging its employees publicly and on social media as is described by their #PfizerColleagues social media campaign.

Here are the screen shots of the Pfizer Instagram story honoring women in science:

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Pfizer Uses Facebook Stories to Promote their Presence at Conference

Many physicians and medical suppliers attended the American College of Cardiology 2018 conference this past weekend.  To follow the conversation on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, follow the hashtag #ACC18 .

One of the participating suppliers cleverly used Facebook stories towards the end of the conference to summarize its key messages about stroke prevention and thanked the conference attendees for following the conversation.  I was not present at this conference, but since I like the Pfizer page, I was able to see thePfizer Facebook story on my homepage.  See the screen shots of the Pfizer Facebook story at the bottom of this post.

Back in the later part of 2017, Facebook opened up stories to Facebook pages.  Pages that post stories get featured on both mobile and desktop.  It is becoming more and more difficult for pages to get noticed on Facebook these days, and Facebook stories provides ideal real estate on its followers’ homepage.  Facebook stories are pretty hard to miss when you are on your homepage, which makes them a great opportunity to become visible again to an audience who may not see many of your posts anymore due to the new Facebook algorithm.  Just like any other type of advertisement, you need to be visible on a relatively frequent basis in order to achieve top of mind status with your audience, so you might want to consider posting a Facebook story on a daily basis.

Have you tried Facebook stories for pages yet?  If so, let us know about your experience.

Pfizer Facebook story from the 2018 ACC conference.Pfizer Facebook story from the 2018 ACC conference.Pfizer Facebook story from the 2018 ACC conference.Pfizer Facebook story from the 2018 ACC conference.

Video Games that Teach Disease Management

Hemocraft screenshotPfizer recently released a new video game based on Minecraft™ to help teach kids how to manage hemophilia.  It is called “HEMOCRAFT™ Infusion Adventure“.  Players can craft the components of an infusion kit, track their preparedness for the adventure with a ‘factor bar’ and get ready to slay the Ender Dragon.  This is an excellent way to reach kids!

Congratulations to Pfizer for this innovative learning tool and we wish them much success in reaching out to their patient base as well as friends and caregivers who could benefit from learning about hemophilia as well.

Currently the game is only available for use on a PC.  Hopefully it will become available for use on tablets and smart phones as well which would amplify their target audience reach.

Pfizer is not the first to develop an online game to try and educate patients and the public about healthcare issues.  Here are a few others that are worth looking at, but in my opinion, few seem as fun and alluring to kids as the Hemocraft™ Infusion Adventure:

I read about a father and son team who are working on a Minecraft mod aimed at educating kids about diabetes type I.  That sounds promising as well!

If you tried any of these games or any others, let us know which one you played and what you think of it.